These are my highlights from the "Cohousing Bible" - Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities.

This is not some sentimentality: the average American eats meals with friends, family, neighbors, half as often as fifty years ago. The average American has half as many close friends. LOCATION: 147

There are now nearly 120 built communities and about 58 in the planning stages. LOCATION: 178

Pioneered in Denmark, the cohousing concept LOCATION: 189

The modern single-family detached home, which makes up 69 percent of American housing stock, was designed for a nuclear family consisting of a breadwinning father, a homemaking mother, and two to four children. Today, this household type is in the minority. LOCATION: 218

Well over a quarter of the population lives alone, and this proportion is predicted to grow as the number of Americans aged 60 and over increases. LOCATION: 221

The first cohousing development was built in 1972 outside Copenhagen, Denmark, by 27 families who wanted a greater sense of community than that offered by suburban subdivisions or apartment complexes. LOCATION: 238

with the majority between 15 and 33 residences. LOCATION: 250

Many residents eat in the common house three or four times a week, and have more intimate family dinners at home the other evenings. LOCATION: 399

Cooking for 40 may seem like an enormous job for two to three people, but with a well-equipped community kitchen, it’s not much more complicated than cooking for six in a normal kitchen — cooks just learn to use ten times as much of everything. LOCATION: 402

On any given evening, about 30 to 50 percent of the residents take part. LOCATION: 411

coq au vin over quinoa, a fresh garden salad with lots of tomatoes, and fresh baked bread LOCATION: 418

Committees are formed by interest groups — outdoor areas, special children’s activities, website and financing, minutes of meetings, general maintenance, social events, and others. Every adult is a member of at least one such group. LOCATION: 456

When one resident takes his laundry out, he puts in the next load in line, so no one has to wait around for an empty machine. LOCATION: 466

Recent events included a Harvest Festival, a chili cook-off, and an apple pie baking contest. LOCATION: 491

Saturday morning breakfasts on their front porches. All the dwellings have private patios in back, but people seem to prefer sitting in front along the main paths LOCATION: 507

for incredibly rich and wonderful conversation that grows richer and deeper over time as you get to know your neighbors better and better. It is the tax that makes all of the benefits of cohousing possible. “Can you have community without people? No. Can you have people without occasional annoyances? No. And there you have it.” LOCATION: 528

In the houses, the kitchen and dining area — the room most families “live” in — looks onto the walkway. LOCATION: 532

standard American condominium ownership model in which each resident owns a house and a portion of the common areas. Members pay a monthly homeowners’ association fee that is based on the size of their individual home. LOCATION: 547